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Barbecue rotisseries are a tool used most often to skewer meat and cook or roast it over an open fire. The meat is held on a solid metal rod and is rotated to cook evenly over the fire or oven. This is helpful especially for very large pieces of meat, such as a whole hog, so that it will cook all the way through with as little effort as possible. This tool is most commonly used at to cook around a campfire at large outdoor gatherings when feeding large numbers of people. There are many different benefits to consider if you are thinking about buying barbecue rotisseries. 

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The main, and greatest thing about barbecue rotisseries is that the food cooks perfectly because it turns slowly over the fire. One of the main problems with cooking large cuts of meat is that often one side or the other is not cooked all the way through. A rotisserie solves this problem. 

Another benefit of the slow turning motion of the rotisserie is that it is constantly cooking in its' own juices, so if has been marinated it retains most of the flavor, making it even better tasting than normal. It is also almost impossible to overlook your meat, and unlike a normal barbecue, once you set it up you are not constantly turning the meat every couple of minutes. This leaves you with time to take care of other aspects of your party while your food cooks unattended. 

Many barbecue rotisseries are even more convenient, and come with baskets that can be attached so that you can cook vegetables or even heat up buns or other bread. Many rotisseries come with these extra accessories, although there some that require you to buy them separately. 

Unlike a traditional barbeque, a rotisserie is very portable and easy to break down and take with you anywhere. No matter how remote the camping trip, you can break down the rotisserie, and carry it in a backpack. If you're not sure when everyone is going to get hungry, the rotisserie can be taken out and set up in a matter of minutes. The hardest part will be carrying the large piece of meat and getting the fire started. 

While most people use rotisseries by inserting the poles in the ground, many models have brackets to make using it on a deck or flat surface that much easier. This means that you can use this portable and convenient device in almost any place you can think of, whereas you would have a lot of trouble doing so with a traditional heavy grill. 

Whether you're planning a huge Summer party, or just going camping with a couple of friends, the barbecue rotisserie could be just what you need to save you time and cook the perfect mean. It's easy to carry, only require a couple of batteries, and much more affordable than a huge grill. You'll be amazed at how easy your new barbecue rotisserie is to set up and use.



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